The Six Pillars of Self Love Programme with Wendy James 

Award-winning Clinical & Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, Mindset Coach 
Our mind is powerful! It holds the power to facilitate a happy, enriched, empowered life, or it can hold us hostage to the negative conditioning and beliefs that were shaped from our early life experiences. 
As babies, we come into the world with a blank canvas. We accept ourselves just as we are, having no issue with the colour of our hair or our skin. We feel entirely fine with our chubby cheeks and legs, and don’t have the slightest concern about what other people think of us. **We have blind faith in our parents and care givers, having no knowledge of or reason to feel or sense fear. The only distress or upset comes from being in direct pain, hunger, fatigue or discomfort. We don’t create false realities, worry about what the future might hold, or feel fearful of things that haven’t happened yet. 
As babies we only judge our feelings by what’s happening in the here and now... and you will be very pleased to know that we can enjoy all those feelings again! 
**Individual experiences will differ. 
"Meeting Wendy was serendipitous. I have had an incredible opportunity to participate in her first Six Pillars of Self Love Programme. 
Those who know me will know I struggle with self doubt, thoughts of worthlessness. I was my own biggest enemy. 
Wendy has helped me change my mindset. I choose me, I choose to be happy, I choose to love myself and be my best friend! The way I talk to myself and think about myself is evolving every day. I look in the mirror and I smile and I am proud of myself... and it's all thanks to you, Wendy. I have learned the importance of investing in myself. 
Thank you Wendy. I recommend your services 110%." 
- Sarah Louise, Bristol 
"The Six Pillars Programme gave me all the knowledge and understanding I needed to progress and succeed in life. Knowledge is power and it has helped my confidence enormously, I am now my own cheerleader! 
I can truly say that this is the best self-development programme I have ever been on. The comprehensive explanation of how our brain works has helped me understand myself so much more. 
This programme is an amazing educational resource that I think should be taught in schools. It provides you with the skills to manage life situations better which we should all be in possession of. Family and friends can see the positive changes in me and most importantly I can see them in myself too. I would recommend this programme, it’s so empowering.
- Simone, Bristol 
"Prior to The Six Pillars of Self Love, I was feeling very low, insecure, and lacked confidence in myself, always putting everyone else’s needs ahead of my own and never considered myself or my worth. 
From the outset of the programme, I learnt that it’s ok to put myself first and how I am able to set healthy boundaries with those around me. There were so many takeaways for me from this programme. Understanding how the brain works gave so many light bulbs moments, particularly how I think the way I do and the consequences of that. Understanding more about the grief process has helped me so much, especially in respect of my relationship with food. The exercise around forgiveness was amazing and helped me release the trauma and negative experience I’d been carrying for so long. 
Since completing the programme, I feel happier and much more confident. I no longer worry about what others think, instead focussing on what makes me feel happy and what I want from life. Another light bulb moment for me was the realisation that I was looking in the wrong place for weight loss. Trying numerous diet programmes but not realising that lasting weight loss starts with the mindset, i.e., how you think about yourself, self-worth, self-esteem etc. I am enjoying life so much more and my family and close friends have said how much happier I am. 
I would highly recommend this programme, 10/10! I now love me for me, I know that I am enough, and I can make choices that are right for me. What has really stayed with me is that I love me for me, I am enough and I can make choices and I choose happiness. 😊
- Ellie M, Bristol 
"The Six Pillars Programme taught me so much about myself. It has been a real eye opener, particularly as we progressed through the programme. It helped me understand so much about my long held behaviours, poor habits and the reasons whey I was continually going down the same old path. 
I have changed so much from participating in the Six Pillars Programme, having subsequently made some life changing decisions, i.e., not having worked for fifteen years due to a lack of confidence and am now back to work in a job that I love, and I am also on my way to fulfilling my next life goal. 
Wendy was a fantastic, inspirational facilitator. The sessions were held in a friendly, calm, and relaxed environment and I especially enjoyed the guided visualisation at the end of each session... so relaxing! 
I would 100% recommend this programme. It has taken me on a much more positive path in life, and I am sure it will do the same for others too.
- Deborah G, South Gloucestershire 
The seeds of self-esteem are sown as soon as we begin to establish a sense of self. The type of childhood we experienced is particularly important, because this is where our personality traits, emotional conditioning, habits and beliefs are formed. 
Having our basic needs met, our feelings acknowledged and validated, living in a safe space and given clear and positive boundaries all form a solid foundation from which pillars of Self Esteem, Self Worth, Self Acceptance, Self Confidence, Self Responsibility and of course Self Love are built, fortified and sustained. 
Every single limiting belief that we have is because of two behaviours: the pictures we create in our heads, and the words we speak in our minds. 
During our journey through the Six Pillars of Self Love Programme, we will expose the concept of authentic love of self across the divide, transcending the barriers of limiting beliefs as we explore together each Pillar of Self Love. 
I will also provide a guided visualisation MP3 to support each ‘pillar’. 
Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. We all possess the power to change outdated patterns and beliefs about ourselves and I’m very excited to support and navigate you towards the life you desire and the life you deserve
Interested in finding out more...? 
Call me on 07855 054 688 and let's start your journey towards enjoying the life you desire and deserve.  
Programme Fee: £379 
Special Early Bird Price: £349 
Booking Deposit (will be deducted from the total price): £49 
Payment options available 
Location: The Kendleshire Golf Club, Coalpit Heath, Bristol BS36 2UY 
Wendy James 
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Wendy James | Clinical & Solutions Focused Hypnotherapist, Mindset Coach | Goldney House, 59 Rounceval Street, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol BS37 6AS 
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