Whether you’re writing a webpage or a blog, or even a post on social media, keyword-rich copy is crucial to being found on Google. 
When writing for your business, consider the following: 
Is this what my ideal customer base will be searching for? 
Is this what I have been found for in the past? 
How well does this describe what I do? 
Don’t make keywords too generalised: use specific terms. Put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes. If they were going to try and find you, what would they search for? 
Don't forget to attract visitors to your website with page titles and meta descriptions that describe what your website specialises in. 
But most importantly, provide original, helpful, relevant information to attract organic traffic, as paid leads can be counterproductive. With organic searches, visitors clicked because of an interest in your content, making them likely to be loyal customers. 
Location-specific landing pages and blogs are a great way to connect with your niche audience, and prove just how much you know about your field. 
One of our favourites is regular blogger Alan Muskett of Right Mindfulness, who always shares some great tips. He can easily be found for 'mindfulness in Worcester'. 
The relevant keywords will depend on the following: 
What you do, and 
Where you do it. 
If you'd like more advice about optimising your website on Google, get in touch today. We'll be more than happy to help! 
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