In the first blog of our series on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), we learnt that there are six main factors that can help to boost the SEO of a website. This blog will look at these factors in detail and provide examples of how to utilise them. 


Understand your target market, what are your audience searching for in order to find your service or product. Find out what your visitors are searching for, start by noting down the keywords that you would like to rank for that are relevant to your industry.  
Let’s use the example of wedding cake maker based in Gloucester. Typing “wedding” and “cake” into a keyword research tool, may give you relevant search terms. By narrowing down your keyword research to a specific location, such as “Gloucester”, will ensure your content is relevant for your target audience. 
Use these keywords in the title and description of the website page to boost SEO and reach your target audience. 

Great User Experience 

Make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for! 
A website that is easy to navigate will rank higher in Google. Accessibility is also key for a great user experience – here are three tips: 
Alternative Text - text that is visible when hovering over an image to help those who use screen readers and gives a description of the image if it is not loading for some reason 
Colour Usage - create a contrast between content and background for those with colour deficiencies 
Relevant Link Descriptions - specify what links do with descriptions such as 'Contact Us Here' rather than 'Click Here'. This helps users who use screen readers 

Social Media Attention 

Referencing your website on social media platforms can increase website traffic.  
Visibility is key! The more visible you make your website; the more signals are generated that indicate your posts are valuable to your target market. Social media indirectly has a positive effect on search ranking. 

Links to & from Other Websites 

Links are one of the most important aspects for boosting website SEO - trustworthy sites link other trustworthy sites.  
Linking is another way of giving a referral to a credible website. Internal links signal to Google that a particular page is important. Make sure your links are relevant to the service or product you are providing. 

Content-related Aspects 

Provide your visitors with information that they want to read and make sure that content is high value.  
Content should be valuable to people, so they want to come back to your website. Ensure each page on your website is unique and packed with quality content as Google penalises those who don’t do this.  
Identify what qualities competitors possess which rank them highly and create content that’s better! 

Site Security 

Having an SSL certificate ensures that you are showing your visitors that their data will be secure when using your website. 
Being trustworthy is extremely important!  
At it'seeze Gloucestershire, we provide SSL certificates to all our websites at no extra cost!  
Now more than ever, it is incredibly important to protect your business in every way possible. 
Now you know the steps for improving your website SEO, it’s time to take action! The next topic in the SEO series will cover BLOGS and how they can also help to boost SEO. 
Get in touch with us today if you would like any more information and to find out how we can help you improve your website SEO. 
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