About you 
Interesting graphic information 
Must be easy to use on a mobile 

1. About you 

When someone visits your website, they want to know about the person/people behind the brand and relate to you. If you are an open book, they are more likely to feel welcomed and trust your brand. Customers love putting a face to a name. Your website speaks for you and if it doesn’t attract and lure people in when they visit, it will do the opposite and you wont keep their interest. 
Here is an example of Clear Hear's about page. It clearly shows who she is and why you should believe in her expertise. 

2. Testimonials 

Customers want to know about previous customer involvements. Who’s bought from you before? Did they have a good experience? It provides creditability to the customer. Allowing the consumers to have a voice shows loyalty with existing customers and proves to new onlookers that you value their opinions. 

3. Contact 

How are customers going to contact you? 
Offer an easy way for people to contact you. We live in a very instant world; consumers want a very quick response. Offer both email and phone number contacts. Some people like instant phone calls, as others don’t like speaking on the phone and would prefer an email contact. 
Have lots of ‘Call to action buttons” that offer links to contact you through out your website. Having that interactivity attracts the attention of the consumer, they are then much more likely to interact with the website and follow through to contacting or placing an order.  

4. Interesting graphic information 

Capture your customers eyes as soon as they enter the website. Offer a resolution to a problem that has brought them to your website. Why choose you over the competition? The banner of the website is an example of what you sell or a service you offer. If the first picture doesn’t make sense and relate to what you do, then your audience are going to be left confused. You want to capture your audience as soon as they visit your website. An eye catching and slick first impression keeps them hooked to look further.  
Elliot Olivers website shows instantly what they are about aswell as it being visually eye catching. 

5. Must be easy to use on a mobile 

The user experience of websites is very important and a very high percentage of traffic to your website will be on mobiles. So, it is your priority to check that it works. If your website isn’t fitting on to a user’s mobile, parts of the website are warped, and the user experience is poor. They simply won’t find it easy to navigate and leave the website. 
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