What do you need on your website? Do you want a basic website with only a couple of pages, to communicate with and attract customers? Or do you need to sell your products online and promote your business? There is a such a wide variety of reasons you need a website. But having an online presence is the best step you can make to getting your business out there. 

How much spare time do you have? 

What is the average time to build a website? Depending on whether you are building from scratch or using a template on a website builder it can usually take days - weeks, especially with larger websites and webshops. At itseeze we take care of all that stress for you and guide you through the process. The website will take 2-3 weeks to be built and developed by our professionals. Time it costs you = a couple of hour meetings so we can understand you, your business and what you want your website to do for you. And we do the rest! 

How much custom website building do you want to learn? 

HTML and CSS are the basics of a website, and they are an intense learning curve. There are many website builders out there that make this easy. And there are pros and cons to designing a website on your own. Templates on website builders are not as flexible and if you are a perfectionist they aren’t easy to adapt. Are you willing to learn the depths of code to tweak how you want a website to look specifically?  

What's your budget? 

Time is money. Do you have time to spare when you could be using hours to earn money for your business? Before starting to design your website you may want to think about what your budget is. Some developers can get up into the thousands and if you are a local plumber that really isn’t necessary! Our websites start at monthly costs of £35pm, and our website editor is simple to use. 

How important is it to have a website? 

Every company should have a website! If you're not online are you really in business? The 4 ‘A’s’ of having a website is that it is Accessible to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. How easy is it for your clients to find you? Are you showing up against your competitors on Google or social media? 
Stop paddling in the massive open water alone. Outsource your help and along the way you will grow. Ask more people for help, ask for more opinions. This way you’ll always learn more on how to improve your business. 
If you would like to find out more about how it'seeze can help your business grow, just email hello@itseeze-gloucester.co.uk or call us: 01285 700 755. 
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