When it comes to the online presence of your business, you must be wondering whether your website is worth the cost. 
Consider the virtual window to your business as an investment, and it will not only be cost effective, but an avenue to brand new custom. 

Does free really mean free? 

Website builders may be free, but are unlikely to offer customisation, adaptation for mobiles (the most common user device), and a tailormade design - all of which drop visitors to and inquiries from your website. 
A professional site should always have its own domain (.co.uk or .com). Using the domain of your website provider (e.g. .wordpress.com) will not only seem unprofessional, but drastically lower your search engine optimisation. Costs vary depending on the name of the site, but you are looking at an annual fee no matter the host. 
Most free website builders use premade templates that you'll share with millions of its other users, lacking the attention-to-detail of a bespoke design. Plus, in order to make money from their free service, platforms like Wordpress feature unsightly adverts that detract visitors away from your site, and of course, your whole business. As for setting up and arranging the content for the webpages, you'll be on your own - so, a 'free' website will end up requiring more of your free time! 

What are the hidden fees in free website builders? 

External blogging platforms such as Tumblr often host adverts of its own, reducing its effectiveness as a lead generation for your service. To get rid of them requires a pricey upgrade. 

How much should you invest in your website? 

Making a wise investment in your business is to leave web design to the experts. At it'seeze, we take care of enhancing your search engine optimisation, and all from just £35 a month - that includes the setting up of your email inbox, quarterly reviews of your website, updates carried out within at least 48 hours, a professional design made from scratch, and all with the ongoing support of a local team
More enquiries - and therefore more sales - mean that a website that works will more than pay for itself. 
So, if you want an invaluable website that works for you and serves the needs of your business, get in touch today. We'll be more than happy to help! 
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